Monday, October 9, 2017

Can You Take Them: A Ting House and Indigenous Children

Pastor Mark tells us: "My wife and I are here in an indigenous tribe visiting the orphans and children. We are looking for more partners to sponsor children to schools. Please pray that God will doors of opportunities. These children are mostly illiterate and only 18% are going to formal studies. Most of then are living in mountainous and remote places."

Pastor Mark with the indigenous children
Also, Pastor Mark took another trip to Marawi, where he was met by thirty orphaned children. Those in charge of the relief center asked him: Can you please take them? Pastor Mark's heart was broken. Friends, Pastor Mark would love to take these children back with him to Zamboanga so they could go to school and experience the love of a family. However, before this would be possible - we need a place for them to stay. We need your help to build a children's home, a Ting House, for children like these. Pastor Mark and his family would welcome them, but until we have an additional home in Zamboanga, these children have nowhere to go. Please pray for the Lord to provide the funds needed so we can carry out the mission of James 1:27: To care for the orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

If you would like to give to the cost of a Ting House for the Philippines: 

Donate on the PayPal button at the side of our website or write a check to: 
Ting Ministries
904 State Drive, 
Lebanon, PA 17042
Please specify: Ting House Philippines

100 percent of your donation will go to the Ting House, with nothing taken out for administrative purposes. All our work depends on the help of our generous supporters. Please consider how you can help today! Thank you and God bless.

TM Bulgaria: Our Partner's First Trip to Pleven!

Our partners at Caring for the Fatherless are on their first trip to visit Pleven, Bulgaria. Our partner has taken several feeding specialists with her to help the orphanage staff. They are visiting the orphanage to look at the conditions and start the beginning stages of the the TM Bulgaria Auntie Program.  Our daughter, Lina, is from Pleven and we are pleased to be able to help the children who are still waiting for families. 

TM director, Stephanie and the TM Administrative Assistant Sasha will be travelling to Pleven in January with a team of volunteers to further observe the impacts and workings of the Auntie program, provide supplies and see what further needs we can help meet for the benefit of the children. While we are there, we will also be visiting an older children's home, and our friends at Bulgaria Street Dogs and Cats, an animal rescue Ting Ministries supports. (You can find them on Facebook under this page name). 

Please pray for the Lord's continued hand of protection over our team and blessing as we work to bring aid to the orphan. Thank you!

For information on becoming a sponsor for the Auntie program, please visit our page: Become a Sponsor Sponsors are urgently needed! There are many ways to help including: one time gifts, full, and partial monthly sponsorships. Please contact us at: if you would like to become a sponsor today!

Happy Birthday Olyvia: Wishes and Reflection

Happy Birthday Olyvia!

Olyvia just celebrated her birthday at the beginning of this month. She was adopted from Ukraine with her sister Rachele in 2014, when she was 9 and a half. Her only physical special-need from birth is a mild form of spina bifida.

Now, she is 13 years old. A teenager! Below, you can see Olyvia and Becca, her new friend from church! Becca is a week younger than Olyvia.  Please, let that sink in. 

Most people when they meet Olyvia remark, "Oh, how cute is she! Is she about four years old?" No. She is a teenager. She should be in middle school, playing sports, having sleepovers, and going to birthday parties for her friends.

The treatment and neglect of children in her Dom Invalid (orphanage for special-needs children) was so horrendous, her body shut down and simply stopped growing. Termed failure-to-thrive Olyvia's body simply stopped growing due to lack of care, touch and nutrition. In Eastern Europe, this is the norm for orphans with disabilities - not the exception.

Olyvia and Rachele's adoption opened Brian and Stephanie's heart to Ukraine. Today, we are parnters with Bible Orphan Ministry and Shelter Friend  - Ukraine. Read about our partners' work here.

At Ting Ministries, we are dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of special-needs orphans around the world. We are blessed to be Olyvia's family and honored to be her Voice and a Voice for the thousands of Voiceless orphans still waiting for their families today. 

Happy Birthday to our  Солнышко (Sunshine)! Мы любим тебя!

I Think They Are the Same: A Bangladesh Update and Orphanage Development

"But as we messengers of God, we did it as much as possible what God has given on us for duty and responsibilities to oversee His sheep. No matter it is rainy seasons, cold seasons or hot seasons, we must carry on our duty and responsibilities. I think that doctors and missionaries position are the same. And also we must to think about Jesus’ His life and how much His sacrificed for us!" Pastor James, TM Bangladesh Missionary

Dear friends - we have joyous news! Recently, Brian and Stephanie got the opportunity to speak with Pastor James in Bangladesh. It was a time of great encouragement in the Lord for all. We are excited to bring Pastor James to the US to speak with us in churches in Summer 2018. 

Below are some pictures of the TM Bangladesh team on their latest travels to share the Gospel...

In July, we announced an important project with our Bangladesh missionaries and we need your help! We are building an orphanage for thirty children. These children live in remote villages and have no family that takes care of them. Pastor James and his team check on the children and bring a bit of food for them when they are travelling from village to village. This is only a temporary solution, however. They desperately need somewhere safe to stay, eat, and go to school. All of our work is dependent on the our faithful supporters who supply tangible resources our missionaries and partners. They are so blessed and encouraged to know there are people around the world who are praying for them and supporting them as they fulfill God's call to share the Good News.

TM Orphanage in Bangladesh (Read More Here)

The plan is for the orphanage to also be a school, so the children can live there and also get a proper education. Eventually, there will be monthly costs to run the orphanage/school (for teachers, cooks, medical care etc). However, the first thing that needs to be done is to build the structure of the orphanage. This includes building the house with bamboo and wood with a tin roof. It also includes furniture, bedding for the children, and kitchen supplies.

The total cost for all this is only 4,556 US Dollars! 

If you would like to help us build an orphanage for these precious children there are several ways you can help: 

1. There is a PayPal button on the side of our website. Please specify for Bangladesh orphanage. 

2. Mail a check to Ting Ministries at 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. In the memo, please write for Bangladesh orphanage.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Emergency Update: We Need Tangible Help for the Philippines!

Update: This need was met! Thank you to our supporters!

EMERGENCY: Okay friends! You may have seen our update yesterday from the Philippines, asking for help. Today, the situation has gotten worse. Our team is down in Marawi and they have run out of funds - and they still have 200-300 children to feed tomorrow. Trusting the Lord, they went down and were able to have several days of ministry, but unless people like our supporters begin to help in tangible ways, there is nothing they can do! Some people may call it foolish to go down having little else but faith, but what else can you do when you see suffering and the Lord commands us to "Go?" (James 1:27)

Pictured is a little girl who sustained severe burns on her face during the fighting between ISIS and the military in Marawi. Dear friends - I am pleading with you - this is why we need you! Ask yourself what you can give, even if it is 5 dollars it makes a big difference! If everyone who liked only our Facebook page gave ONLY 5 dollars we would have more than enough!

The total needed is 1,060 dollars. Please. It is nighttime in the Philippines. Let's show Pastor Mark the faithfulness of the Lord by having the need fully met when he wakes up! To Donate, go to: and specify Emergency Marawi Relief.
Thank you and help us be a Voice for the Voiceless.
Proverbs 31:8-9

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Breaking the Flask for Orphans

Church - where are you?  
Where are the families?  

As obvious as it may seem, orphans do not want to be orphans. They want to be in a family. They want to be loved just like you and I want to be loved. (From "Adoption and the Gospel" by Gerry Clark – a must read).

There are approximately 37 million Christian churches worldwide.  There are approximately 153 million orphans. 15 million of these orphans have lost both parents. Not all of these 153 million orphans are adoptable, but for the sake of making this point, let’s say they all are adoptable.

Do the math. Only 4 children would need to be adopted per church worldwide to eradicate the orphan crisis. Only 4 orphans per church….

Here in the USA, there are 400,000 total children in the foster care system. 100,000 of these children are waiting to be adopted. There are approximately 350,000 churches in the USA. Look at the numbers – that is only 1 child being adopted by every third church.

Where is the church - the believers who are the hands and feet of Jesus on this earth?

We have often been asked, "Why do you want her when you could adopt any other healthy child in the whole orphanage? Why her? What value will her life ever hold?"  Our daughter Avigayil was the child with the highest special-needs in her whole orphanage in the Philippines. Believe it or not, I have heard it said about children who died alone in orphanages before they were adopted:  “Well, at least maybe they smiled and made a caregiver feel useful. Perhaps their life made the caregiver feel good.  At least if they die, they will go to heaven and be with Jesus where they will be healed and loved.  Isn’t that even better than suffering?” 

What? Dying alone in an orphange is better than knowing the love of a family?

It is true that the ultimate answer is yes.  One day, we will all die and these children who never had the ability to understand salvation will go to be with Jesus when they die. Yet, isn’t this answer just relieving us of our guilty feelings?  Our guilt at not seeing and then, when we do see -  our guilt at not opening our own hearts or home to a child in need. Our refusal to answer God's call to care for the Least of These. 

This past week, we have seen the flooding in Texas and the horrors of the extreme need. In this time of crisis, we have come together - people are jumping to action and stepping up to care for others. Our hearts go out for the people caught in this tradgedy and we, like countless others, feel burdened to help and glad to see people rallying together for Texas. 

But I say there is a crisis happening every day. The orphan crisis. It has been occurring for years on end, for child after child, that most refuse to see.  We need to open our eyes and work with the same fervor and compassion that has gripped our country to allieviate the suffering of the amazing folks in Texas. By doing so, we can make a difference in the lives of all the orphans. Yes, all the orphans – remember the statistics. 
It is completely possible.  

Now, back to the question of why we should adopt a child like Avigayil. Let us respond with a simple question. 

Why not her?  

God called us to her and asked us to go. What makes Avigayil any less deserving of a family and love than any other child?  Every child deserves to be loved and know what family is. In His Word, God commands us to Go and care for the Least of These.  He does not have conditions.  He does not say, "Go and care for some...but not those who are looked down upon in the eyes of the world." He says "Go and care for the orphans and widows in their distress..." (James 1:27). All of them. 

We have also been asked, “What value does Avi's life have as a completely dependent child with a severe disability?"  She has as much value to us as parents as our daughter Sasha who also defied the odds placed on her life.  To the world, Sasha, who is an intelligent, gifted academic, an honors student, appears to have more value in life than Avigayil. 

I completely disagree.  

They both have equal value and both have equal right to be loved and to be adopted because both were created by God.  Galatians 4: 4-5: “But when the right time came, God sent his Son, born of a woman, subject to the law.  God sent him to buy freedom for us who were slaves to the law so that he could adopt us as his very own children.”

I believe we have it all upside down and that children like Avigayil are not here for us to teach them but rather - for them to teach us.  Avigayil’s life is priceless and God has used her to start a whole ministry in the Philippines. Already, because of her life, countless other children now have a mother and father and know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Avigyail’s life has blessed our lives more than words can express, but we do not adopt because we expect to be blessed.  Indeed, we do not become Christians because we expect to be blessed. Theologian Oswald Chambers in some of his “Utmost for His Highest” devotionals says this: “We must continually remind ourselves of the purpose of life.  We are not destined to happiness nor to health but to holiness. Today we have far too many desires and interests and our lives are being consumed and wasted by them.  Many of them may be right, noble, and good and may later be fulfilled, but in the meantime God must cause their importance to us to decrease (From September 1).

If we believe in Jesus, it is not what we gain for ourselves, but He pours through us that really counts. As Oswald Chambers eloquently writes: “'When Mary of Bethany broke the flask [...] of very costly oil […] and poured it on Jesus head,'  it was an act for which no one else saw any special occasion; in fact, there were some who […] said,  ‘Why was this fragrant oil wasted?’ (Mark 14: 3-4). But Jesus commended Mary for her extravagant act of devotion." (My Utmost for His Highest, September 2).

I greatly suspect, in our prioritizing of value and importance, we have it backwards and upside down.  Our Lord is filled with overflowing joy whenever He sees any of us doing what Mary did – not being bound by a particular set of rules, but being totally surrendered to Him. God poured out the life of His Son ”that the world through Him might be saved” (John 3:17).  Are we prepared to pour out our lives for Him? Are we prepared to give of ourselves for a child like Avi, whom the rest of the world sees no value in? For if Jesus was pleased with Mary's sacrifice, how pleased must He be when we care for a child like her - the least of the Least of These.

That is ultimately what adoption is – pouring out of your life for Him.  Are you prepared? The truths Oswald Chambers so fittingly stated are at the heart of the question: will you adopt? Will you step out of your comfort zone and your comfortable life and care for the Least of These. Will you break the flask, as Mary did, regardless of how wasteful others may regard your decision? “Now is the time for us to break the flask of our lives to stop seeking our own satisfaction and to pour out our lives before Him.  Our Lord is asking who of us will do it for Him. (Oswald Chambers Utmost for His Highest September 2).

Friday, September 1, 2017

Urgent Need for Philippines: School Fees and Continued Marawi Relief

You may remember us sharing a need a couple months ago about school fees for Ting Ministries' children in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the need has not been met yet - and the children have started school already! They will not be able to stay in school if Pastor Mark cannot pay their fees. It is only 6 dollars a month for elementary school and 12 dollars for higher level education! Please consider if you can help these children, both former and current street kids, go to school - they are counting on you!
Also, Pastor Mark is heading back to Marawi to another evacuation center! In order to continue helping the displaced families and children, he needs our help to purchase supplies like clothing, food, and toys. 100% of Ting Ministries work depends on the faithfulness and generosity of our supporters! Even 5 dollars makes a difference! Please share and get the word out! Thank you!

The total cost for both these needs is: 2,250 dollars.
To learn about becoming a school sponsor for a child in the Philippines visit our Become a Sponsor Page here.
To make a donation to the school children or ongoing Marawi relief, please go to: and specify what you would like your gift to go towards.

Filipino street child

Pastor Mark's boys. Former Muslim street kids, they are now part of our TM family

These boys begging for food asked Pastor Mark to help them go to school

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Bangladesh Update: Pastor Sanga Sends Prayer Requests

Want to pray with our Ting Ministries partners, but don't know what to pray for? Pastor Sanga sent an update from Bangladesh with some prayer requests!
"Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ those who have received training and they may have faithfully involve in their respective fields. Pray for new believers so that they may have strong faith in the Lord's and make disciples in their neighbors and different villages where never preach the gospel and who are still living in the darkness. Pray for team unity, bond, strong, boldness, encouragement and in their responsibilities what we have assigned to them in their harvest fields."
Here is the latest update from Ting Ministries Bangladesh:
Pastor Sanga's co-workers visited a village near the border of Burma. It is a long distance away took three and half days to reach. There are 15 families in this village and there is often local unrest since the village is near the border. The villagers never heard the gospel and after sharing gospel seven people have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. Praise the Lord! And at last they built a church and his co-workers trained them in discipleship. They promised "we will be teaching and sharing to our family members what we have learnt and heard from the training and they will surely join in our belief." Pastor Sanga asks for prayer for this village that they would grow in their faith!

Sharing about baptism

Praying for those who have been baptized

Sacrifice shrine in the remote village

Sharing the Gospel in the village, where 7 people accepted Christ as their Savior!

Our TM missionaries crossing the river to get to the village

Sharing gospel to guardian and head of the village about eternal life and salvation. After sharing gospel, he received Christ. Praise the Lord!

Reading Scripture at a new church planting celebration

Dear friends - Ting Ministries cannot do what we are doing without YOUR help! All our work depends 100% on our loyal supporters!
Help buy a motorbike for Bangladesh! This is a practical, important necessity to make our TM missionaries' trips safer and faster. Please go to: and specify Motorbike for Bangladesh.
Help build an orphanage for 30 Bangladeshi orphans! These children currently scrounge in the remote villages and are looked after by our TM missionaries when they travel from village to village. We are helping Pastor Sanga build an orphanage for the children to live in, receive meals, and go to school. To donate please go to: and specify Bangladesh Orphanage
Lean more about our Bangladeshi Pastor Families waiting for Sponsors on our Become a Sponsor page.
Thank you!
Contact us at: and 717-376-9420
James 1:27

Friday, August 18, 2017

Guest Post: Caring for the Bulgaria

Guest Post from our TM Partners in Bulgaria.
Read the original here, on Caring for the Fatherless.


This is Lina.  When this picture was taken, she was 5 and 1/2 years old and weighed only 12 pounds.  She was in an orphanage where abuse and neglect happened every single day.
A new director is now in charge of this orphanage, and she cares deeply for the children.  But poverty in Bulgaria is still affecting the children in this place.  There is NOT enough Bulgarian money to provide adequate care for the almost 100 special needs children who are in this orphanage.
Our ministry just received the exciting news that the Bulgarian court has approved our non-profit NGO status!  This is HUGE because it has given us an open door into this orphanage.  This is THE orphanage I have asked God to give our ministry.  I have prayed for 2 years for THIS place – for THESE children.  The orphanage director wants and needs our help.
We need to raise $17,000 in a very short time.  I will go to this orphanage in October, and I desperately want to be able to provide basic needs for these children.  We need $6,000 to pay the salaries for 5 nannies for one year.  We need $6,000 to provide basic medical care (a doctor and 2 therapists) for these children who all have severe special needs.  We need $3,000 for medical tests for the children (MRI’s and other tests that the government won’t provide).  We need $2,000 to provide nutritional supplements.  The children are underweight and need more food than they are receiving now.
I am also looking for a medical person with a feeding specialist background to go to Bulgaria with me in October or January.  The director is very willing to receive feeding training for herself and the nannies.
Can you help? Can you pray or give?  Every dollar given through our ministry will go through our non-profit in Bulgaria and directly to the nannies and medical personnel.  Every dollar given will directly impact the lives of children who desperately need us.  We need you.
Here is a picture of Lina today.  Isn’t she beautiful?  God’s love heals broken hearts and sets the lonely in families.

Back to School Time: School Fees!

Dear friends, Pastor Mark in the Philippines is sending 20+ children to school an needs to pay their school fees. Can you help?! These children include: Some children from Marawi, the two boys begging for food on the beach (they asked Pastor Mark for help!) and the street boys taken in by Pastor Mark's family. You can see their pictures below. These children cannot stay in school if their fees are not paid.The total cost of school for ALL these children is only 1,250 USD! If you would like to donate towards the cost of school, please go to our Ting Ministries paypal here: (Please go to the button on our website if you are outside the US). Please specify for Philippines school fees.
By helping us, you are an incredible source of encouragement for these children! You are showing them how the Lord provides; what a testament to those who do not yet know Jesus!
To learn more about the many opportunities to become a sponsor for children, pastors, evangelists, and families around the world, visit our Become a Sponsor page

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Ting Ministries in Bulgaria: Pleven Video

See how love can change a life! The Carpenters' daughter Lina is the first child in the video. She came home from Pleven at 5 and a half years old, weighing only 12 pounds. Now she is almost walking by herself! Learn more about TM Bulgaria today.


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

TM Bulgaria: Pleven Update - Several Aunties Funded!

An update from our TM Bulgaria team. Read our first update about TM in Pleven here.

Ting Ministries is excited to share with you that our Auntie program is underway! Our TM missionary is heading to Pleven next week to get our nanny program started. Our first goal for our program is to fund 17 aunties for two months. The total cost for all the aunties is 2,500 USD. This will also cover travelling costs and TM supplies.

The great news? So far, our supporters have raised 1,000 dollars! We only need 1,500 dollars to meet this need. 

If you would like to sponsor an Auntie for an orphan in Pleven, please contact us at: We will send you a sponsorship form and information.

Full Sponsorship: 70 dollars/month provides the salary and other costs for an Auntie.
Partial Sponsorship: 40 or 30 dollars/month.
One-Year: 840 dollars provides an Auntie for a whole year

Please go to our Become a Sponsor page to learn more about our vision for the aunties. You can also check out other opportunities to get involved and help: orphans, pastor families, evangelists, street children and our auntie programs in other countries!

The Carpenters' daughter Lina. Before: She came home from Pleven at 5 and a half years old weighing only 12 pounds. After: Home 5 years, she is almost walking by herself!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Noonday Collection *Adoption* Trunk Show: Let's Help Hope and Brittan!

Hi friends of Ting Ministries! A friend of ours organized a Noonday Collection fundraiser for the Carpenters' adoption of Hope and Brittan. Go to Noonday Collection *Adoption* Trunk Show to learn more, and head on over to  this page to see the items in the trunk show! There are lots of items for sale including jewelry, bags, scarves, and accessories!
Here's an excerpt of the event description:
"There will be a live trunk show at my residence August 24, but before that happens, there is an early online opportunity to give even more. If you make an online purchase by August 6th The Carpenter family will receive 15% rather than the normal 10%. Please consider placing your order by August 6th if you know you won't be able to make it to the show.
Noonday has beautiful jewelry and accessories. If you're not familiar with them please take a look at the website. Their items have unique stories and would make thoughtful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas! Please share the link with anyone who might be interested. Let's make a difference for this family and their daughters!"

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Why Both? Orphans and Animal Rescue

From our animal rescue partners at Shelter Friend - Ukraine.: "Often people who drink a lot or homeless are more kind to animals then so called normal pet owner... On the photo is an elderly man who died alone, who lived alone, who drunk a lot... But he saved two dogs and three cats from streets. He was [sharing] food with them and they cuddle at night to warm each other. Man died and relatives will take what ever is left from house except animals.. so we offered them shelter..."
Some people ask us at Ting Ministries why we care about both orphans and animal rescue. If you have ever seen the healing a hurt, abandoned animal can bring to a hurt and abandoned child - that is why. This man knew how it felt to be alone. So, when he saw the lonely animals, he offered what no one else did to him - a home and love. Likewise, our dogs, adopted from Shelter Friend - Ukraine. are an integral part of not only our personal family, but of our TM family and vision. They were abused on the streets, and it is incredible to see the love and understanding they have for our girls, who came out of years of orphanage neglect and trauma. God truly "sets the lonely in families..."(Psalm 68:6) with beautiful results. Learn more about TM's work with Animal Rescue on our website and please check out our partner's Facebook page and website at:

Update from Shelter Friend - Ukraine

"Often I feel sad about such a stories more then about just strays... Often people who drink a lot or home less are more kind to animals then so called normal pet owner... On the photo is an elderly man who died alone, who lived alone, who drunk a lot... But he saved two dogs and three cats from streets. He was [sharing] food with them and they cuddle at night to warm each other. Man died and relatives will take what ever is left from house except animals.. so we offered them shelter...
Please share our page so more people will hear the plea of our animals
If you can adopt - adopt
PayPal - or International adoptions are welcomed!!! Thank you!!"

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Making Disciples: Update from Bangladesh

Dear friends - we have much tor rejoice about in Bangladesh! Thank you to those who have been praying for our TM family and missionaries. Pastor Sanga says:

"We had fellowship, follow-up, more teaching, sharing more on church and congregations leading, making discipleship, gave them encouragement. We knew that our teaching, training and seminar are not vain but it’s fruitful and effective. We had also women seminar on Christian family and women leadership in the ministry. The seminar went very well. They are very much pleased such kind of seminar for women."

TM missionary sharing the gospel

Sharing the Gospel with unreached people 

The women's seminar on Christian family ministry
Teaching on discipleship

The women's seminar on leadership in the ministry

Our TM team in Bangladesh has planted 8 churches in various villages and there were 15 people who came to know Christ! Praise the Lord! Please pray for the strengthening of their faith and for their neighbors who still do not know Jesus. Here are some photos of baptisms:

Time of prayer for those who have been baptized

Our TM missionaries also spent time with the youth, singing and worshiping and praying with the sick...

Pastor Sanga says: "After prayer she was healed in the name of Nazareth Jesus! Praise the Lord!"

This woman's stomach pains lessened after prayer! Imagine what a testimony of Christ and encouragement!

How encouraging to know we have new brothers and sisters in Christ, halfway across the world. Please continue to keep TM partners in your prayers - they face heavy persecution and risk, but this is why they continue! Please pray for their safety, particularly as heavy flooding has damaged many roads in Bangladesh this month. If you would like to help our TM pastors and missionaries continue their ministry, there are several ways to help!

1. We are raising funds for a motorbike. It costs about 2,404 dollars and will help our team get to villages more quickly and safely. Right now they are traversing the jungle and crossing rivers and the journeys take days. A motorbike is a practical need and one that will help spread the Gospel to even more lost souls!

2. There are some ongoing needs. We have 5 Pastor's families waiting for sponsors! Things like clothing outreaches are also made possible through your support. 

This pastor and his family need a sponsor!

3. You can make a one-time donation by a) using the PayPal on our website. b) Send a check to Ting Ministries, 904 State Drive, Lebanon, PA 17042. Please specify what you would like the donation to be used for (100% goes to your specified program).

Though the needs may seem overwhelming, there are lots of ways you can get involved - even 5 dollars makes a difference! You can know that your gift will be of great encouragement! Please join us in praying for our TM family, as they are praying for us!
James 1:27, Mark 28:19