Saturday, June 24, 2017

Here is a Fact. Children Are Dying.

Here is a fact. Children are dying. Today, "merry and radiant" S," with her beautiful smile, aged out and will be transferred to an adult mental institution for the rest of her life.

An adult mental institution. S will never have a sister to paint her nails, never know the joy of getting on the bus to go to school, never have a family to laugh with. Instead, because of her disability, she is now condemned to an institution. Autobiographies of adopted children and documentaries tell us what goes on in these places - inhabitants are drugged daily, locked in rooms, some are left naked - and more horrendous things. Can you imagine how terrifying it will be for S, who is capable of understanding?

Thinking of S, I am reminded of the words of Marc Ching, who works with rescued dogs. This is not the first time his words about abandoned animals have been fitting for orphans. He said: "Sometimes I wonder, why fight when the world does not want to fight with you. Why believe we can change things, when the people that have the power to - they do not care."

Do we really care? Or are we too busy to even share a post so more people can see a child's story? I pray we are careful we do not become accustomed to convincing ourselves "Someone else will do something." Why do we fight? Because it is a command to go. James 1:27.

Yes, God is the ultimate Defender of the Orphans - but He calls us, His people to be His hands and feet on this earth. We have the resources to save children like S - but only if we want to. If the over 1,000 people who saw her post had given only 40 dollars...her adoption would have been completely paid. On days like today, it won't matter how many likes, comments or shares a post got.

Only a family would've changed S's life.

Christ adopted us - and the price of the adoption was His life. We are called to lay down our lives (John 15:13). This means truly giving something up. The next time we see an aging out child, what will we be willing to do about it?

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Look at this Sweetie - A Father for Father's Day

Look at handsome S - Oh my goodness, this boy sounds like such a sweetie! Is he your son?! 

Here's a bit about him: S is a quiet and helpful child! He likes to play with legos and play for a long time. He likes to play alone, likes to draw. He has a corrected cleft palate, a speech impediment, some different facial features and mental delay. However, he is a smart and helpful boy. S can categorize things, determine size, knows his seasons and days of the week and is knowledgeable about plants and animals. He sounds like a wonderful son just waiting for the love of a family!

To learn more about S and other waiting children, please go to the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Contact us for the password). If interested, please contact us at:

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Avigayil Christina's Simple Ice Cream Pleasure

 Luke 10:21
"...I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children..."

Help Hope and Britt have the same hope and joy as Avigayil Christina...the simple pleasure of chocolate ice cream on a hot 90 degree day with friends and family. Please visit their YouCaring link Return 2 China here or by going to the widget at the side of this blog.

If you missed the fundraiser by Handmade Hope you can still donate and help them come home! Thank you so much, and remember the joy you might be searching for is found in Christ and His small hidden secrets. Like watching a child smile with joy-- a child who was once tossed away like a piece of trash,  and about whom you were asked "why would you want her when there are all the healthy able bodied children you could adopt?" A child you were told who would never be able to swallow. Oh the joy in seeing her smile and chatter and hearing her say Mama!

Help Hope and the so many more waiting and it reminds me of another Christina written about by Victor Marx. She returned to her family after three years being held by ISIS. Please, go read and pray and see what the Lord would have you do!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Category: Before a Family Was Found

By: Sasha

Imagine being put on a list. You stayed on that list your whole life. Then one day, when it was too late, you were filed away and forgotten. Please look at the photos of all these children. These are children I watched, prayed, and advocated for over several years. Tonight instead of the "At Risk" page, I found them all on the "Aged Out Before a Family Was Found" page. There were even more children I recognized and just didn't share in this post.

There is something wrong with this. With all the people involved in adoption, all the Christians in the world, all those who saw these pictures...these children should have families. Yet, today they will never get the chance to know the love of a family or what it means to belong. I pray, as you read this post tonight, you do not glance over it, think to yourself how sad it is, but then go on with the rest of your life unaffected.

The minute we start thinking, "It's just another child," we spit in the face of the Gospel.

Christ said, "And whoever welcomes one such child in My name, welcomes Me," and he warns of the consequences of not welcoming such children. Yes, the Lord is the Defender of the Orphan, promising to "set the lonely in families" (Psalm 68:8). Yet He uses US to accomplish His purposes, telling us to "Go and visit the orphan and widow in their distress..."(James 1:27). As Christians, we should be burdened when children such as these age out and become unadoptable because our own salvation through Christ is our adoption. " God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what He wanted to do, and it gave Him great pleasure." (Ephesians 1:5).If we think it doesn't matter when a child ages out, we are guilty of disregarding the importance of Christ's death on the cross--because He died so that all may be saved" (John 3:17).

It may be too late for these children--but not for others. Please visit the Waiting Child Advocacy page on this blog (contact us for the password) to see other children waiting for a family. Or please visit: to help Brittan and Hope come home. Thank you.

"You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know." ~William Wilberforce, abolitionist and author of "Real Christianity"

Photo Credit: Reece's Rainbow (Listed Under: How You Can Help -The Children-Aged Out Before a 
Family Was Found)

Two Siblings Who Will Melt Your Heart

These two siblings will melt you heart--videos available! G is an active child with good friendships! . in school, he is good at analyzing, summarizing and determining cause-effect relationships. His only special need is a minor speech impairment. He needs help from adults to deal with certain situations. He likes fast, competitive games and tries hard to win. Isn't that a charming smile?

His older sister V is well-respected and accepted among those she knows. She has no known special needs. She has beautiful handwriting and in school, she does homework independently. She can talk about her past experiences and also likes fast, dynamic games. She has a close relationship with her brother, protecting him and giving him advice. Her eyes seem so sad - you imagine her eyes lit up with the love a family?

Imagine what joy these two children could add to a family! There are more pictures, videos, and information available on our Waiting Child Advocacy page. Please contact us for the password.

Monday, June 5, 2017

ICII Sponsor Update as of June 6th

Update as of June 6, 2017

We heard that the son has a full 60 dollar sponsor! Praise the Lord! So, only 2 partial sponsors for the daughters are needed. One needs a 30 dollar sponsor and the other needs a 45 dollar sponsor. Please keep sharing the need!

Hello friends of Ting Ministries! A few days ago, we shared the story of three precious children in Pakistan who have an immediate need for sponsors. Read their heartbreaking story here
As of today, there are two children with sponsors and one child with no sponsors. One of the daughters needs another 30 dollar sponsor and the other daughter needs a 45 dollar sponsor. The son does not have any sponsors yet. 

Please consider what you can do to help these children. (See the original post for links to sponsor information or a place to make a one-time donation).
These innocent children have undergone tremendous suffering in their short lives. You could help change a child's life! Please feel free to contact us for more info at: We are personal friends of ICII and are so happy to partner with them in their work!

"Merry and Radiant" S will be transferred to an Adult Mental Institution

This precious girl, who is described as “merry and radiant,” will be transferred to an adult mental institution. Many of you may be following the story of Allie-Jo, a 13 year old in China who is aging out in 3 weeks. Did you know that S is also aging out in 3 weeks? Please help S the same way you are helping Allie-Jo. Pray and share her story! As an adopted woman with six adopted, special-needs sisters (including from Eastern Europe) I know what a bleak future awaits S if she is not adopted. A family would only have to complete their I800A before her birthday to keep her from aging out! If you are considering S please know that Ting Ministries will do whatever we can to help! Please don't let finances or medical terms deter you.
This is not a game. Advocating is not something we do just for fun. A child's life is at stake. PLEASE-- we have videos of S talking, pictures, and more information about S on our Waiting Child Advocacy page at Please contact us for the password so you can learn more about S today. There is no time to waste.
A bit about S: She is a girly-girl who loves to do her nails, and wear bows and tiaras in her hair. She is listed as having moderate mental delay, hydrocephalus and Spina bifida, but she can get around independently in her wheelchair. S is quite social, a leader among her peers, and loves going to school (for special-needs children).
“If to be feelingly alive to the sufferings of my fellow-creatures is to be a fanatic, I am one of the most incurable fanatics ever permitted to be at large.” ~William Wilberforce, abolitionist and author of "Real Christianity"
Orphans don't need curious bystanders. Orphans need incurable fanatics.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Please Read this Story - Immediate Need for Sponsors

Dear Friends of Ting Ministries​, we have an immediate need to share with you from our friends at ICII. Please take time to read this story. Are you looking for a way to get involved with orphan care, but unsure of how you can help? Please keep reading -- there are three precious children in urgent need of sponsors! If you would like to help these children in need, please contact us at or ICII for more information (contact info at the bottom).

Greetings, in the name of Jesus!
Each of Independent Church in India's (ICII's) four children's homes were founded for the purpose of providing a light of hope for children who are scared and alone in the dark landscape of their poverty-stricken and cruelty-filled world, where there is no one else to help them. We want to be able offer them compassion and relieve their suffering. Yet all too often, yet more young faces full of hopeless desperation come forward to us out of these shadows, and we have to turn to others to join with us in reaching out to them.

We have just such a sad story to share with you today, about three totally innocent children in Pakistan who have become orphans. Even though their story is tragic, it is not hopeless - God can bring hope in their lives through you. Please read on, and pray about how the Lord can use you to give a new life to these dear children.

Rafiq and his wife had three small children: a son, Shamil, and two daughters, Angelina Rose and Arqa. The family was living in suffocating poverty. Rafiq worked hard at a brick company, where he made low wages as most Christians do in Pakistan. But through all their struggles Rafiq was faithful to Jesus, and whenever he had a chance he would share the Gospel at his workplace. Rafiq would do evangelism when he could. One day Rafiq was arrested for sharing about Christ and he had to appear before the judge. If Rafiq would have denied the resurrected Christ that day, the judged might have released him. Instead, because he would not deny Christ, Rafiq was sentenced to life in prison with no hope of parole.

Rafiq was thrown into a crowded prison cell along with thirty or forty other convicts. The prison was smelly, filthy and putrid; there wasn't even a toilet in their cell. The only food they were given was very unsanitary rice and dhal (beans), full of worms and bugs. Whenever a person got sick in the cell, there was no medical treatment. As a Christian, Rafiq was a prime target for bullying and abuse by other prisoners.

After spending more than two years in that hideous place, and due to all of the nightmarish things that have happened to him in jail, Rafiq has become mentally disturbed. The last time his children went to see him, he was weeping, incoherent, and he no longer could even recognize his own children.

On top of all this, their mother was unable to provide for her three children, so she left them with a family member and vanished, never to return. The children were passed along to four different families, none of whom wanted them or could bear the burden of providing for them. At such young ages, their lives had become unbearable. Often the children were forced into labor. Rather than receiving any love, they were treated as slaves.

One of Independent Church in India's Pakistani pastors named Mehbob was preaching the Gospel in the area where the children were living, and he discovered them in this terrible condition. The family they were staying with told Pastor Mehbob they didn't want the children and would no longer be responsible for them. Frustrated that the three kids had been left to them, the family was considering turning them over to a private orphanage nearby. It is well-known in the area that girls in that orphanage are often used for prostitution and boys crippled so they can beg for money, just as in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire".

Shamil is seven years old, Angelina Rose is six, and Arqa is four. Pastor Mehbob currently has only one sponsorship for $30 per month, which barely provides for himself alone. Still, he was filled with compassion for these three children and has taken them for now into his own home to rescue them from having to go to that orphanage. But he can't afford to provide for them properly. ICII wants to help these children find safe and loving homes where they will be well cared for. We are looking for those who would like to personally sponsor these children. It takes only about $60 per month to help a child. You can fully sponsor a needy child for $60, or $30 for a partial sponsorship.

All throughout India and Pakistan, there are tragic stories of young children who vanish into the night, never to return again. Terrible things are done to kids like these every day, by those who practice evil so horrible it is unspeakable. We can not turn our backs on these precious children who are in desperate need of our help. This is your chance to help us rescue three innocent young lives who have suffered greatly, all for Christ's sake.

To give through Paypal toward helping these children, please use this link:
You can sponsor these children, and other kids who urgently need
support, at our child sponsorship page:

100 percent of gifts given for this project will be used towards these three children's most urgent needs. Any gifts we receive for this project over the amount that is needed will go toward meeting the needs of orphans in Pakistan.

Please visit our website at:
If you would be able to send a gift by mail, please make your check or
money order payable to "Independent Church In India" or "ICII", mark it
"Orphans in Pakistan", and send it to the address below:
Independent Church in India
PO Box 238
Fredericksburg, PA 17026

Thanks so much, and have a blessed day!
Reaching the Unreached in India, Pakistan, and Africa,
Lowell and Kathy Smith
Independent Church in India
(717) 865-7885 (717) 865-7885

What the World Doesn't Understand - Angelina is Walking

When Angelina came home five years ago, we weren't sure she would ever walk. Look at her today! She is walking on her own! Lina is one of the many orphans who deserve to be in a family. Caring for the orphan means sacrifice. You may pour yourself out, but the joy an orphan brings to your life will change and bless you immeasurably.

Before: Lina in Bulgaria at 5 years old
After: Lina home 5 years

Though this is opposite from what the word tells us. But 1 Corinthians 2:14 says: "The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit." While the world may not understand why one would sacrifice their lives for a special-needs orphan, who may never "achieve" Christians, this is the heart of the Gospel. Christ died for us, while we were yet sinners. (Romans 5:8).

What role does God want you to play in the life of the orphan? If we search His word, He will reveal Himself. His heart for the orphan is written throughout Scripture.


Friday, June 2, 2017

The Shoes Off His Feet

"Some years ago, when [Andriy] came to church, he looked and was dressed awfully. Pastor Misha was so sad [...] He took off his shoes and gave it to Andrei. It was just one and last pair of shoes that our pastor had. Later [...Andrei] said: "I was so ashamed, I felt terrible, but no one helped me, only your pastor took off your shoes and gave it to me."

Reading this, I sat in silence. When Andriy said he felt ashamed, I know I cannot begin to imagine this feeling. Yet, how many other orphans face the same shame? As Bible Orphan Ministry shares, how many orphans die before the age of thirty?

Though there were many other people who could have helped Andriy, but he himself said it was only the pastor who helped. He took the shoes off his feet and gave them to Andriy. This is the truth of following Christ. If it is in our power to help someone - will we? You may say: "Yes, we should help others. But this is an extreme case I won't come across in my life."

What if the Lord is waiting for us to "go and visit the orphans and widows in their distress?" (James 1:27). We have the resources - five dollars, ten dollars. Maybe the Lord is calling us to give of ourselves.

The pastor didn't have to give his own shoes. But when God placed a need in front of him, he responded, truly following Proverbs 3:28. "If you can help your neighbor now, don't say, "Come back tomorrow, and then I'll help you." Has the Lord placed a need in front of us? Have we responded, or tried to ignore it and go on our way?

Thank you to those who helped pay Andriy's funeral costs. He accepted Christ the day before he died! Please read this post from BOM. Our friends shared these words from Andriy's brother Misha: "Dear friends, thank you for your help and prayers. I felt very strongly that you were praying for me for my brother. Thank you friends for your financial help. And thanks for the prayers again! It's very hard to talk for me now. Friends, thank you for everything! Amen."

Pictured: Misha is in the gray shirt.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Congrats Grad!

In the time of graduations and commencements, we have one more grad to congratulate around here! Hannah "Annie" had a graduation party in her class! 

She has quite a story--from an aging out orphan in China to an orphan advocate in the US. Please take the time to really look at these two pictures. The first is Annie in China, before she knew she had a family coming for her. The second was taken about a year later. 

When Ting Ministries says family can transform a child--this is why. Look at that smile! Hannah is super smart. She is already understanding and speaking English while maintaining her Chinese! When Ting Ministries says every child deserves a family--this is why. We rushed to China just in time for Hannah. If we hadn't, she would have aged out, never knowing the love of a family, never going to school, and never having opportunities to be a voice for orphans--including her two sisters waiting in China, Brittan and Hope. Can you please consider helping Brittan and Hope to have the same opportunities as Hannah? Please go to to learn more, donate, and share their story. Hannah is home now because people came alongside us to make sure she made it. Now, Hannah wants to make sure the same happens for her sisters.

Congratulations Hannah! We can't wait to see the big plans the Lord has for your life.

Jeremiah 29:11
Proverbs 31:8-9

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Handsome Sweetheart

Just look at this handsome sweetheart! D is from an Eastern European country. He is a calm and happy child who likes to listen to music and watch cartoons, D is diagnosed with epilepsy, severe mental delay, and spastic quadriplegia (Cerebral Palsy). Though he is dependent on adults for his care, he turns when he hears his name called and tries to imitate others. He is observant and follows what happens around him.

D sounds lot like our precious Avi, whose story started a whole ministry in the Philippines.

 Can someone help continue his story? He deserves a family--please help us advocate for him. To learn more about D and see more pictures, please go to our Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Please contact us for the password).

The Van and Prayer Requests

We received pictures of the van from Pastor Mark today! Thanks to all who donated and have been praying for our dear friends. Pastor Mark is so thankful and has shared a few prayer requests:

"I already received the money and now the team is using it to help the victims of ISIS in Marawi. Pray for my trip to Indonesia tonight for a church planting meeting. Pray for provisions and protections too."

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Update (Need Met!) 350 Dollars for a Funeral: A Need from Our Partners at Bible Orphan Ministry

Update: June 1, 2017
Thank you to those who gave for Andriy's funeral costs. We received word this morning that BOM has enough to pay for all the needs related to his funeral. Please pray for Andriy's brother Misha during this time.Thank you.


Can you help Ting Ministries and Bible Orphan Ministry raise 350 dollars for a funeral? Misha is a Christian, and his brother Andriy, just passed away from tuberculosis, (We are unsure if Andriy accepted Christ before he died). Both brothers are orphans--Andriy doesn't even have shoes or clothes to be buried in. This is such a small amount-- please consider what you can do for Misha in his grief. Imagine how this would strengthen his faith. From our partners at BOM:

"Dear friends, we are so grateful that so many of you have been praying for the young guy Andriy sick withTB. [His brother Misha] called the ambulance 4 times to take Andriy to hospital. All refused. Finally next day poor guy was transferred to hospital. Doctors did all medical tests and X-ray. But today in the morning Andriy has gone... We are going to help Misha with funeral but it cost money. It is need to buy many stuff, coffin, rent a vehicle to transfer his body and many more. Andriy was so poor that even does not have shoes to bury him... Even clothes and shoes need to buy. The funeral will happen tomorrow or the next day."

If you want to donate to Andriy's funeral costs, please go to Bible Orphan Ministry's Donation page.
Or, go to the PayPal button at the side of this page. (You do not need a PayPal account to donate through this button).

A Great Night for the Least of These

Check out the highlights of Ting Ministries' "For the Least of These" fundraiser. It was a great night filled with friends and fellowship. Thank you to all who came out to share their voice, musical talents, and support for the orphan. We would like give a special thank you to the following people: Barb, Michelle, and Melissa for helping set up, Kathy, Lowell, and Pastor Asif for sharing about Independent Church in India's work, William for speaking, and the Martin Sisters Band & crew for sharing your musical talents! Thank you to anyone else who came to support us and is not listed--you have helped make a difference for Brittan and Hope. Please continue to share and pray for these two little girls in China as they wait to come home!
Missed the fundraiser, but would still like to help? Check out our fundraiser at:

The Martin Sisters Band with some students...
Image may contain: one or more people, people on stage, people playing musical instruments and indoor
Annie in her first concert playing the guitar! Thanks Teacher Melissa!
Image may contain: one or more people and bicycle
Lina was busy zooming around the gymnasium. Look how tall I've grown, she says.
No automatic alt text available.
Tables for Ting Ministries and Independent Church in India
Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Friday, May 26, 2017

A Special Plea Tonight: S is Aging Out!

Hi everyone, this is Sasha. Some of you may know my heart for the teenage, "aging out" children of Eastern Europe. As a orphan with special needs in Russia, I was placed in a mental institution. To say the least, my future was bleak. Today, as a junior honors student at Bucknell University I am proof of how a family can transform the life of an orphan. I have a special plea for you tonight. S is aging out and is in urgent need of a family! She is from an Eastern European country. S is described as "merry and radiant." She is a girly-girl who loves to do her nails, and wear bows and tiaras in her hair. She is listed as having moderate mental delay, hydrocephalus and Spina bifida, but she can get around independently in her wheelchair. S is quite social, a leader among her peers, and loves going to school (for special-needs children). Imagine how a family could change S's life! Today, I advocate for orphans because I was once one myself. I have seen how my sister Annie, who was rescued hours before she would have aged out, has thrived and grown in just one year. From the four walls of an orphanage to an American high school student who plays guitar, she now has a world of opportunities in front of her. Please, won't someone do the same for S? Please share and pray for S-- she has very little time before it is too late. To learn more about S, please go to the Waiting Child Advocacy page. (Contact Ting Ministries for the password.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Update: Need Met! (Emergency Need for the Philippines After Terror Attack!)

Update: Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A big thank you to all who donated to the emergency van fund for the Philippines! In less than 24 hours we raised enough money for the van! Pastor Mark and the street children thank all of you. Please continue to keep them in your prayers as the situation and city is still dangerous. Pray for strength and protection as they begin to transport the children to safe locations.

 Dear friends of Ting Ministries, a few hours ago, we asked for prayers for our partners in the Philippines after an massive ISIS attack occurred earlier today. We have received word from our partners. In their words: "There is a bomb threat in every part of the city and we need 1,000 DOLLARS so we can get a van to begin transporting street children to safe places. It is not safe for them here and because there is martial law, other groups will resort to terror activities." We have also received word that as of now, the orphanage where Ting Ministries works is secure. Please share this post and help anyway you can, through prayers and donations for the van!

To donate, please go to the PayPal button at the side of this blog. Specify for Philippines Van and we will receive a donation. 100 percent of your donation will go to the Philippines urgent need! Thank you all!

It's V's Day!

Update 6/10/17: A family was found for sweet little V! Thank you to all who helped advocate for her!

It's V's day! Look at those big eyes and curly hair-- isn't V precious? She is from an Eastern European country and is not yet 2 years old. V needs a family fast--she is in urgent need of a liver transplant. Imagine, something so simply fixed at a hospital here, is denied to V simply because she has no family of her own. As the older sister of several sisters who have come from dire situations, I know V could thrive in a family. We have no time to lose!

To learn more about V, please visit our Waiting Child Advocacy page. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Precious Little O

Isn't little O so beautiful? She has Cerebral Palsy and has been waiting for a family of her own for so long! Ting Ministries is personal friends with the people who asked us to advocate for her. If you would like to learn more about this precious girl message us or contact us at:

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Philippines Ministry Update: Shoes, Instagram and More

We at Ting Ministries wanted to send another big thank you to the people who donated money for our shoes project in the Philippines. Thanks to your generosity, Pastor Mark was able to purchase shoes for all the street children! 

Also, if you have been following Ting Ministries on Facebook, you might have seen our other need. Pastor Mark's mother passed away last week. The hospital would release her body to the family until they paid their fees. With the help of Ting Ministries and our supporters, we were able to send money for Pastor Mark. Please continue to keep the family in your prayers at this time, as his mother will be dearly missed. However, we can rejoice knowing that she is with the Lord in heaven!

A final note: Ting Ministries is excited to announce that we have launched an Instagram page! Please check it out and follow us here. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we head into the summer!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Second Update! Immediate Need: Shoes for Street Kids in the Philippines!

***We have raised enough money to buy shoes for all the street children! Thank You Everyone!

Often we have been asked of what value is a child with severe special needs.

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

 Our precious little Avi is so loved and the princess of our family. Her life is priceless and because of her life Ting Ministries work in the Philippines was started. 

She is the reason...her life is bringing many lives to come to know love and the saving power of Jesus Christ. She was adopted out of the orphanage in Zamboanga and the region where we now minister. Yet, Ting Ministries cannot do it alone--we need your prayers and your help! 

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and child

 Our partners and the pastor of the church in Zamboanga sent photos of the nearly 50 street kids and indigenous children that recently attended the 3 day Bible School camp. They are continuing to come to the pastor and his family and church. They have nothing. They have no home, no food, no shoes! Can you help us meet the immediate need to buy them shoes? We have many.more plans of what needs to be done, but today--it is shoes!

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and stripes
Measuring their foot sizeImage may contain: one or more people

Can we together buy 50 kids shoes?! Of course we can!
Please go to the side of this blog and donate now with the paypal. Please indicate for SHOES! 
Or, if you live in the USA, send a check to:

Ting Ministries
904 State Drive
LEBANON,Pa 17042
Please indicate for SHOES

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting

Image may contain: 13 people, indoor

Ting Ministries does not take any funds out of donations for administrative purposes, so 100% of your donations go to the requested donation place!
Thank you from us and the kids!

2 Peter 1:5,7 "...add to your ...brotherly kindness love."

Image may contain: 10 people, people sitting and child

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting and child