Stephanie Carpenter, Co-Founder and Treasurer of Ting Ministries has extensive experience in International Adoption. She worked for several international adoption agencies. She has designed international adoption programs in several countries She has written training for adoptive families that has been used in an adoption conference. Stephanie is a qualified adoption specialist with years of training and personal experience behind her, as the mother of seven, soon to be nine, adopted children, all with special needs. Currently, Ting Ministries is not affiliated with a specific adoption agency. However, we have contacts in each country that we are working in. For more information, please contact us at

International Adoptions

  • Find out more about Ting Ministries' work in international adoption including but not limited to: stories from the Carpenter girls, adoption-related events, and current waiting children updates. (For more in-depth information about the children, see our Waiting Child Advocacy page. Please contact us for the password).

Domestic Adoptions
  • Find out more about Ting Ministries' work in domestic adoption both in the United States and in-country adoptions in other countries.

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