Our Adoption Stories

Our road to adoption started back in 1998 with one little girl from Russia. Since then, the Carpenters have brought home five more precious girls into their family, which led to the creation of Ting Ministries. Now, we are in the process of adopting our eighth and ninth daughters from China!

Please click on the links below to learn about each girls' story...

From Russia With Love... Sasha's Story


Our first adoption was from Russia and Sasha was never supposed to walk and was headed to a mental institution.  She is now 20 years old and a double major at Bucknell University.  She sings in multiple languages and speaks Russian.  She has achieved academic honors with a 4.0 average.  

Listen With Your Heart: The Beginning of Ting Ministries... Ellianna's Story

Ellianna Ya-Ting was adopted from Taiwan in 2007. Although she is deaf and has moderate Cerebral Palsy, she does not let that stop her from being a Voice for the Voiceless. Ellianna is a gymnast and went to CAFO 2017 with Ting Ministries!

The Filipina Princess... Avi's Story

Avigayil, "Avi" is who led to the creation of Ting Ministries in 2009. Ting Ministries cared for her in the orphanage for two years before Avi was adopted by Brian and Stephanie in 2011. Today, a street children and orphans are being cared for in the Philippines all because of Avi's adoption. 

The Liberation Journey... Lina's Story

Angelina “Lina” is adopted from Pleven, Bulgaria and she was dying in the orphanage.  She was 12 pounds at 5 and ½ years old when we brought her home. She could not lift her head or roll over.  She is now over 50 pounds and walking.  

Two From U... Olyvia and Rachele's Story

Olyvia and Rachele were adopted from the Dnepropetrovsk Region of Ukraine.  Olyvia was the size of a 9 month old infant at 9 and ½ years old.  Rachele was emaciated when we adopted her and within a span of 1 year she grew 15 inches. 

Race to China...Hannah's Story

Hannah “Annie” came home from China July 9th of 2016 and she was an extreme expedite adoption.  We had no funds saved and we had no documents (not even a current home study).  Annie had no file in China.  The LORD blessed her adoption and we adopted her in 6 and ½ weeks from start to finish. We adopted her with less than 12 hours until her 14th birthday at which time she would have aged out and been ineligible for adoption by anyone – an orphan forever.  Praise the LORD for all those that gave and supported her adoption.

Return 2 China... Hope and Brittan's Story

Please pray for and help Hope and Brittan come home. Hope is 7 years old and Brittan is 5 years old. They need to come home as quickly as possible due to their special needs and orphanage conditions.  Hope and Brittan both have very special stories! Please visit their YouCaring link at the side of this blog!

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