Saturday, October 6, 2012

Paramount - Look at me says Ellianna Lina and Avi

By far Ellianna's favorite place
The gym at Paramount
it even beats school which she LOVES!
This gym is awesome!
Try getting a photo of these two when one of then is NOT moving -
by far the two most difficult to photograph!

Avi and Sasha
Avi loves to bounce with Mommy on the trampoline
she laughs and giggles
it melts my heart when this precious treasure laughs!
Lina and Ellianna in the background doing something silly together
not sure what but you can't get in too much trouble at the gym
except to fall in the pits of foam!
Have you ever tried to climb out of one of those?
It would give you a good laugh!

The gym is empty when we arrive
Next week I should take a photo of the gym after about
30 minutes
it is packed with different classes and teams practicing!
This week Ellianna was watching the boys class and wanted to join!  She
actually sat near to their class and tried to stretch just as they were!
That if you know Ellianna is a miracle.  This child hates stretching and would love to just
laugh, giggle and be silly!
Here she is playing with Lina instead of working on the beam and learning to walk and stand on the beam!
The trampolines are every one's favorites!
Last week Ellianna who can not do a back bend or walkover or even stand walk without assistance
was watching a cheerleading class and thought she just had to learn the back handsprings like the big girls were doing!  She watched them intently as if to say
if I watch long enough I should be able to do that too!
She is a determined little one!
Actually all 4 of these girls are determined ones!

OK...can you see how big Lina is growing in just 4 months
She turns 6 in just 1 week!
Last year we celebrated without her and my heart ached to hold her and to see a smile come across her sad little face!  Well this year we have a laughing, giggling and thriving little girl -
She is going to have one awesome birthday and so will we!

Just a random gym photo
I am telling you it is nearly impossible to get a good photo of these two...
especially at the gym
Because Gyms like this were made to
have fun and MOVE!
We love paramount - I used to teach there when I had a bit more time!
Taught the special needs classes -which Paramount does have!
They are awesome
check them out

Be a voice for the voiceless
Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

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