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April 28, 2012
Lina left the orphanage.
Many were left behind not only in her orphanage but in so many more orphanages in her country!

Lina's name of "Angelina" means MESSENGER!
Her precious life can be a message for those left behind...
A voice for those that are voiceless!
There are many that are left behind. 
The children below are from Lina's orphanage and you can find out more by checking out
You may also email me directly at to find out more about the children from Lina's former orphanage and to find out more about adopting from Bulgaria!


Age: 7
Special Need: Tetralogy of Fallot, surgically corrected. Infantile Cerebral Palsy


Age: 11
Special Need: Cerebral Palsy, Microcephalus


Age: 3
Special Need: Hydrocephalia, neuropsychological retardation

There are other children that are currently available files and in need of families immediately!  These children are also from Bulgaria!



Age: 4
Special Need: Polimalformative syndrome


Age: 6
Special Need: Blind


Age: 9
Special Need: Down Syndrome


Age: 10
Special Need: Down Syndrome


Age: 2
Special Need: Apert Syndrome


Age: 4
Special Need: Robinow Syndrome

There are files and photos available upon request!  Please pray for these precious children!  May the LORD place these lonely children into families!  Psalm 68:8

Here are some great things about the Bulgaria adoption program that you won't find from some other international programs...

1. Single mothers can adopt
2. Larger families are welcome
3. Age difference: the adoptive parent must be not older than 50 years than the child requested. The second spouse can be 55 years older if the younger spouse is among that 50 years age difference     
4. Short trips - Two trips, 5 days each
5. Only one parent needs to travel
6. Fees are strictly set up and governed and the family will not occur "surprise" fees, charges, etc.
I am excited and blessed to share with you that I am working on the Lifeline Children's Services Team! I am working to help children like Lina find a family!  Next I will share about Taiwan and all those precious children left behind from Ellianna's former orphanage and across the country of Taiwan!  Stay tuned and contact me for more information!

Help be a voice for the voiceless and for those LEFT BEHIND!

Proverbs 31: 8 - 9

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  1. I have been all over your blog now...What encouragement to see Lina and Avi. God is so good! Thank you for being His voice for these precious children. To Him be the glory!